Etsy is not the online marketplace you can sell your crafts online. There are other places you can sell your crafts online. Below are ten websites where you can sell your crafts.

    1. Supermarket is an online marketplace that connects customers with designers. On the supermarket website, you can visit different designer’s store, or you can browse by item types.
    2. Spoon Flower. Spoon Flower is an online platform that allows different designers to create their designs for different things like gift wrap, fabrics, and wallpaper. However, the spoon flower has a more specific niche than many other sites.

  1. Zibbet is an online marketplace where you can sell crafts. There is a free account option for handmade crafters. There is also a premium account option where you can pay for more exposure on the sites.
  2. iCraft is an online marketplace that is meant for only handmade materials. With iCraft, you can sell your handmade materials. However, the site offers different plans which range from $5 to $15 per month. The site doesn’t add any charge or commission on your sales.
  3. eBay is a very popular marketplace for different types of products not just handmade crafts. However, the site had a separate marketplace that is specifically for sustainable items which were very beneficial for many artisans. But the separate marketplace has been discontinued. However, you can still sell on eBay.
  4. eCarter is not just an online marketplace; it is also a free web store builder. So if you are a seller, you can set up your store for free with eCarter. Not only that, but you can also import your EBay store into eCarter.
  5. Folksy is an online marketplace to sell crafts online. You can sell crafts ranging from jewelry, arts, and clothing. There is also a forum section and blog on the marketplace.
  6. ArtFire is a popular marketplace. The marketplace offers free seller accounts for beginners, and also offers a paid account for experienced sellers who need more space.
  7. Society 6. Society 6 is an online marketplace aimed at designers and artists. Artists can upload their different work to the website, and it gets sold. Although the site takes a portion of each of your sales depending on the product type.
  8. Alibaba is an online platform that is built solely B2B transactions. For instance, if you create a product that other business can make use of, you should consider selling that product on Alibaba.


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